True Worship Series (Part 1)


Sub-theme: What is Worship?

The heart of man is like a compass that searches out God. The average man doesn’t want to die because in eternity there’s no finality, there’s no death and there’s no end. Deep inside every man, there’s a yearning for God even though his view of God has been distorted. So because of this distortion, man tries to express his own idea of who God is. He experiences happiness with food or sex so he thinks that his god must be in food or sex. He tries to locate God through his experiences and his five senses but all he comes up with are expressions of his own idea of who God is. He creates his own criteria of righteousness which is justified by his own expression or idea of God.

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Though it tarries……


Waiting on God is hard work. No matter how grounded we are in God’s word, when it comes to waiting it is a tremendous test of patience while we have to be actively walking in faith. To conclude on the last two topics on faith and believe, we will be sharing another short excerpt from a book by John Hagee. The book is called ‘The power of the prophetic blessing’.

……. It will surely come…… 

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Believe in order to receive


Hello everyone,

It seems a general problem that Christians struggle with faith and believing in God. Therefore, to expand on our last topic “Faith is all you need”, we will be sharing a short excerpt from a book by John Hagee. The book is called ‘The power of the prophetic blessing’.

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Faith is all you need


Faith, the bedrock of Christianity!. There are so many things that have been said and are still being said about faith.  The Scriptures place stress upon the fact that a man’s actions are largely dependent upon what he believes or disbelieves rather than upon his environment. Today we’ll be sharing from an article by Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade. 

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Power and Purpose of Love in Relationships


Hi guys,

Knowledge is very important as we take decisions in our lives daily.  After making a commitment to Jesus and giving our lives to Him, the decision on love, relationships  and marriage is also very crucial. 

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Finding Love


Love! Most of us love the idea of love and love to talk about it, love is such a lovely thing.(Hmm so much love in one sentence). We talk about love and try to fit carnal definitions of love into the spiritual context. We often forget that the bible gives clear guidelines and examples for love. Just like everything has a mechanism in which it works, love also has a mechanism.

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