A Musical story

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Hosanna! I heard it loud and clear, as if it were not in a dream. The soothing melody could only draw me nearer, as I followed the sound of the music. Now standing before a wide golden door, I summoned the courage to open it, and there they were. I saw them bow down as they chanted hallelujah to the lamb, like they had 10000 reasons or more to do so.

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Open up your mind


A while ago, I spoke to a lady who was working as a cleaner in my office; I asked her if she was preparing to take the Joint Admission Matriculation Board Exam in Nigeria. She looked at me and said ‘what will I use it for?’ I retorted saying ‘do you want to be a cleaner forever?’ The lady pointed out to me the she was getting an education only that it was not in a school like I expected.

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Should I Tithe?


Some people ask whether or not it is for New Testament believers to tithe. Some say it was under the law. Others say it was or wasn’t mentioned in the New Testament. But the question is, in what context it was mentioned in the New Testament because it was in fact mentioned a number of times. Let’s examine the priestly lines and how they were associated with tithing.

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Dear (s)he,

I hope you are well. I am glad that i can finally write to you about what i’ve been up to and about ‘her’, i wish i did sooner. Here goes;

I can never forget that first time I saw Jezebel. It was the year 2002. My friend came by the house on a beautiful Saturday morning, and popped the tape into the video tape player. There she was, laid on the bed, her body exposed for the entire world to see. She made sounds that invited me to believe she was in a state of pleasure. It was the beginning of a journey that has brought me more pain than gain, more timidity than confidence, and shrunk me from being a man into an addict.

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